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JOB APPROVAL: All artwork/layout created by Kaila Design must be electronically approved and/or signed before job is printed. Approval of proofs includes, but not limited to colors, layout, text (including spelling and punctuation). Once the job is approved for print, Kaila Designs accepts no liability for any design related mistakes.

TURNAROUND: Turnaround times for both design and print are not guaranteed. All turnaround times are estimated based on past similar jobs. There may be circumstances (personal, environmental, electronic, etc) that could delay a job's turnaround time that may be beyond our control. We recommend that you always specify your expected time of delivery when submitting an order. NO REFUND OR REPRINTS WILL BE ISSUED FOR ANY DELAY IN THE TURNAROUND TIME.

PAYMENT: Payment is required to process your order. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Payment may be tendered in CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD. We do not accept checks or American Express.

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